Friday, June 15, 2012


How can an informed, civilized society not be in agreement regarding life?  One would think that in the midst of all our differences this would be a unifying subject. But sadly it is not.  Why would we not advocate together, both liberal and conservative, for our country to be a place that values and protects life from conception to last breath?

Ironically, there is significant, fundamental agreement regarding life from a variety of sources, and yet we are still polarized.  Consider the following:
  • Science defines life, with all necessary accompanying DNA, as beginning at conception.
  • The Church, who adheres to scriptural authority, theologically understands God forming life at conception.
  • The Medical community has taken an oath to rigorously preserve and advocate for health and life.
  • Our Penal Code has multiple laws governing our land that protects innocent life in a variety of circumstances.
Given this kind of diverse input, how does a reasonable society conclude that it is appropriately ethical and moral to empower a woman and a doctor to terminate an unborn life for any reason?  How does a woman believe that the life within her, distinct and unique from her own body, is subject to her choice? What about the body of the unborn life in her?  How can smart, good people allow this to happen?

Of all the social issues our society has been debating over the last 40 years this is the one that is most concerning to me.  Furthermore, I am deeply troubled by my historical silence and lack of action regarding this issue.  As a result, I recently attended some functions with The Family Foundation and also toured the Pregnancy Resource Center here in Richmond.  The Family Foundation is advocating for life in the political arena.  The Pregnancy Resource Center is about compassion ministry to women.  Though completely distinct in their efforts, both deserve our support and involvement as they seek to protect innocent life.

This blog post is not about me saying something that others have not already said, but it is about me doing something that I have not before done.  It's time to get involved. So to women who have had an abortion, God's grace and healing is here for you.  For people who adamantly disagree with me, I do not consider you my enemy.  We have life in common.  For women who find themselves pregnant, give that life the same opportunity you were given.  And to the Church, let's champion the case of the least of these.

Ex Nihilo,

R.J. Rhoden