Saturday, August 10, 2013

Get Disappointment

I used to think that disappointment was a choice.  That it was a kind of negative, optional disposition only embraced by non-positive-thinking types.  That it could and should be avoided.  And I got discouraged whenever I succumbed to its tug (which was often).  Why can’t I rise above to some higher state of mental strength?  Perhaps I am wired wrongly or missing a critical step?

But disappointment is NOT simply a choice.  It is so much more.  It might sound strange but disappointment is actually a helpful tool given to each of us.  It is necessary.  It is good. Disappointment is an accurate indicator of our values.  If you want to know what is important to someone, take note of their disappointments.  They expose a person’s heart with incredible accuracy.

My focus is no longer to overcome disappointments but to experience the right disappointments.  I am not suggesting that disappointment should linger around in our hearts adversely effecting our lives. But I am acknowledging that disappointments are important.  Change begins when we change what matters to us.  And this is discovered through the reality of disappointment.  A recent inventory of personal, reoccurring disappointments has revealed needed changes in my life.  Perhaps I am not alone?

While disappointment is not a choice, changing what disappoints us is.  It is also a process that invites us on a long walk.  And along the way we often ask, like my kids do on a long trip, “How much longer till we get there?”  But God never tells us how long.  He just reminds us of the purpose of the trip.

So rather than fearing disappointment, let’s fear being disappointed at the wrong things.  Let’s rid ourselves of that which unnecessarily entangles our hearts.  Let’s embrace a holy disdain for being overly preoccupied with the petty stuff of this world.  Let’s get aligned with God’s heart.   And God will help us through His Voice, Strength, Promises, and Peace.

Let's get disappointment.

Ex nihilo,

R.J. Rhoden