Saturday, January 21, 2017

God Can

God can heal the deepest wounds of your heart.  The wounds that seem untouchable and untreatable; that you woke up with this morning and will go to bed with tonight; that have robbed you of your innocence and kept you in the grips of fear; those wounds can be mended by the Spirit of the Living God.

God can heal your broken relationships.  He can bring prodigals home, turn the hearts of fathers back to their children, supernaturally intervene in broken marriages, establish peace and trust among different ethnicities, and bring an end to raw hatred. He is the God that brings the lion and the lamb together.

God can heal your anger.  He doesn't change what happened to trigger your anger; instead, He heals the way you think about it.  He gives you peace like a healing balm which produces forgiveness where anger previously existed. You are no longer a prisoner of anger when the healing presence of God invades your life.

God can heal your physical pain and infirmities.  He can bring strength where there is weakness; freedom where there is bondage; health where there is sickness; joy where there is depression; and light where there is darkness.  God cares so much about the body that He raised it on the third day.

God can heal your distrust and cynicism.  He has the ability to prevent the past from destroying your present.  He fixes that place in your heart that allows you to trust and believe again.  He wants to write the ultimate come-back story in your life.

And finally, God, not time, heals all things.  God works in time and space, but it is His work.  God can establish your feet on solid ground, give birth to new dreams, and change who you are.  God can do this and immeasurably more.  God can Today.

Ex nihilo,

R.J. Rhoden