Saturday, March 19, 2016

Jesus On The Way

The day Jesus was cheered on His way to Jerusalem is more than a story.  It's an iconic moment that repeats itself over and over again in the hearts and lives of people everywhere.  You see, Jesus is always on the way to doing something new in, through, and for us. He mounted a donkey not only to travel to Jerusalem years ago but to also travel and arrive forever in the hearts of all who welcome Him.

Jesus arrives on a donkey - the sign of peace, not a horse - the sign of war.  He wants to bring peace to every area of your life. And that is why He is always on the way to doing something new.  Our hearts are an endless collection of needs and wounds that need tending.  We sometimes tire from the process but Jesus never does.  Peace, not inner turmoil, is the ultimate goal.

On that day long ago, the crowd cheered and shouted for Jesus in anticipation of what they heard was possible in Jesus.  He had raised Lazarus from the dead.  Some probably entertained the thought, "If He can do that, what might He do with my broken heart?"  They were the first to discover His majestic ways, and, now, subsequent generations are discovering the creative extent of His glorious work.

Tonight @celebrationRVA we will pursue this theme together.  I am praying this afternoon that many will be touched tonight by the Jesus who wants to ride into our lives bringing peace.  Violence is everywhere.  Trust and relationships are broken.  We need the one on the donkey.  Join us tonight for #CCOMWorship @6pm.

Jesus is on the Way.  Hosanna.  Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.

Ex nihilo,

R.J. Rhoden