Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hearts on Fire

Hearts on fire should be the norm not the exception.  Jesus was the slaughtered lamb on Friday but the risen, Lion of Judah on Sunday.  Those three days didn't occur to give you mediocrity.  They happened that your heart may burn within you.  It's His mission.

Jesus is not waiting for you; He is walking with you.  He shows us this in Luke 24. The newly, risen Savior prioritizes a walk with unknown Cleopas and his friend.  Why would He do that? Doesn't He have more important things to do?  Jesus has discovered plenty of people who don't want to be with Him but never a person that He doesn't want to be with.  It's His mission.

Jesus' walk with you, if you receive it, sets your heart on fire.  You will change because of who He is and what He has done rather than because of who you are or what you have done.  Jesus opens us to a new way of believing and thinking and seeing that produces a heart on fire.  It's His mission.

It's the long walk with Jesus in life that keeps your heart on fire.  If Jesus were merely an event, or a brief emotion, or another religious program, the fire would burn out. Relationships are the most powerful, sustaining force on the planet.  It's no wonder God chose relationship, and all it's staying power, as the central way to show His love for us.  It's His mission.

We rarely know why things happen, but we always know Who is with us.  The comfort in that has sustained me on many occasions.  It is in those times that I have discovered an important principle, one modeled by Jesus in Luke 24.  The more I pursue the solution, the less I find it.  But the more I pursue Jesus, He brings about the solution.  Cleopas and his friend encountered this principle as well that day 2,000 years ago.  It's His mission.

Perhaps your heart is not on fire right now?  It can be.  Look beside you.  Jesus is walking with you.  As you open Scripture and allow Him to speak into your life, you will begin to feel the burning sensation spoken of in Luke 24.  Who you talk with and what you open will define you because it will ultimately produce action in you.  Jesus wants you to be with Him and to open what He has for you. Who you are becoming is His mission.

Ex nihilo (out of nothing),

R.J. Rhoden

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